Stress Response Evaluation

What is a Stress Response Evaluation?

By using the NeuroInfiniti Computer Software, created by Dr. Richard Barwell, we can test your physiological response to stress by using a non-invasive method. Sensors will be attached to your skin to measure your response to various questions and sounds. After the evaluation is done, Dr. Wickens will analyze your results and can determine what Brain Based Wellness care is best for you!

What does the test involve?

You will be hooked up to sensors on your fingers, upper back, head, ears, and over your clothes on your stomach. These sensors are non-invasive. The computer will then go through a series of instructions for you to follow. During the testing challenges, the sensors measure how your body responds to the stressful situation and how you recover after. The test takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.

What do the results mean? 

Dr. Wickens will look at the results and go over them with you during your next appointment. The test can determine whether your nervous system is Balanced, Over-Aroused, Under-Aroused, Unstable, or Exhausted. From this information, the right type of Brain Based Wellness Care will be recommended to you. 

Talk to Dr. Wickens or our staff at the front desk today, to find out more about the Stress Response Evaluation testing we have in our office!